BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S 1.5 - 205/50R15

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The Rival S v1.5 is another of the fastest 200tw street tires. Ideal for autocross competition and other formats that require "Street tires".

Capable of surviving track use, with proper care and feeding(alignment/pressure/driving)


A further evolution of the BFGoodrich Rival S, the Rival S 1.5 features an updated construction process aimed at increasing steering precision and transitional response. The Rival S 1.5 features the same tread compound as its predecessor, which is designed to offer maximum dry and improved wet grip, as well as offer quicker warm-up in competition conditions, yet continues to earn a 200 Treadwear rating in Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) testing. This silica-infused compound is molded into an asymmetric, three-rib tread design. Large, solid outboard tread blocks and BFGoodrich's Extreme Tread Edge (ETE) shoulder design wraps the tread compound farther down the sidewalls for predictable feedback and maximum cornering grip from start to finish. Lateral groove draft angles promote consistent performance and wear, while chamfered block edges resist feathering under extreme cornering and braking.

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