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Did you recently invest in some new suspension for your street OR race car?

Contamination of the low friction seals on high end shocks is the #1 cause of early failures. Protect your investment.

Equally important for street and race, in wet and dusty climates. Rain races in the Midwest will throw dirt, muck and grime all over, and one offtrack excursion by a car in front of you can put dirt, dust and gravel in your wheel wells in a dry climate.

Sold as a set of 4 covers.
Velcro closure.
Elastic band top and bottom to help keep debris out.

Designed to fit any 2.25” or 60mm ID spring assembly totaling less than 10” at full droop. 
Some softer rate(up to 450lb in my installs so far) 2.5" springs work, but no guarantees on 2.5" ID.

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