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Trackspeed Engineering 11.75" Big Brake Kit -DynaLite/Standard Rotor

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-DynaLite 4 piston caliper. Slightly cheaper, slightly lighter, but less stiff and requires replacement pad retention pins with each pad change(slightly higher consumable costs). Pad shape 7112.

-Standard straight vane rotor

Trackspeed's 11.75" Gen2 BBK retains the legendary performance of our original Gen1 11.75" BBK while adding additional wheel clearance. Our all-new proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum hat is Miata-specific, which allows us to place the rotor ideally within the space provided to maximize wheel clearance. Our hats continue to be the only option that allows for the use of safety wired rotor hat hardware. Our Gen2 brackets are tweaked slightly to ensure compatibility with Keisler aftermarket drop spindles as well. The world-class pedal feel and inexpensive running costs are unchanged from our Gen1 kit. 

Pair our 11.75" BBK with a factory Sport 10.9" rear rotor and 1.8L (with adapter bracket) or Sport rear calipers. Add a Trackspeed proportioning valve kit (with proprietary ultra-robust steel adapter fittings) to give your Mazda Miata incredible braking performance in any situation. 

To allow our customers to run the pads of their choice, our kit ships without brake pads. We can provide Hawk or G-LOC pads in street and track compounds, email for pad recommendations.

Confirmed wheel fitments (Dynalite/Dynapro 4-piston, no spacers):

  • 15x8 +36 949Racing 6UL (all generations)
  • 15x9 +36 949Racing 6UL (all generations)
  • 15x10 +25 949Racing 6UL (all generations)
  • 15x11 949Racing 6UL
  • 15x9 +35 Advanti Storm S1
  • 15x9 +36 Jongbloed 500 Aero
  • 15x9 +35 Konig Dial In
  • 15x8 +20 XXR 531

Confirmed wheel fitments (Superlite):

  • 15x10 +25 949Racing 6UL (all generations)
  • 15x11 949Racing 6UL
  • 15x10 +15 Jongbloed 500 Aero
  • 15x10 +25 Konig Dekagram
  • 15x9 +35 Advanti S1 Storm (5mm spacer required)
  • 15x9 +35 Konig Dial In (5mm spacer required)

Full kit:

  • Wilwood Dynalite forged 4-piston calipers
  • Trackspeed Gen2 11.75" Wilwood brackets
  • Trackspeed 11.75" rotor hats
  • Two Wilwood 11.75" rotor rings (directional vanes optional)
  • Trackspeed Stainless Steel Wilwood-specific brake lines
  • Brake rotor hardware, pre-drilled for safety wire (pre-assembled rotors optional)
  • Caliper bracket hardware

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